30 GROOM bathing tablets - No Suds, No Rinsing!

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30 GROOM bathing tablets

Product #: 440203

GROOM is a patented, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid bathing tablet, which when dissolved in warm water, creates a pH neutral cleansing solution, that deep cleans the fur and the most sensitive skin. GROOM prevents the formation of cysts, by removing mineral grime clogged in your dog's and cat's hair follicle. It combats yeast infections, hot spots, dry skin, folliculitis, hair loss and is gentle enough for the most allergic skins. GROOM removes the source of pet odors, does not sting the eyes and needs no rinsing. 

Paraben Free * Colorant Free* Fragrance Free * SLS Free

GROOM for clean, odorlesshealthy skin and shiny fur.

Available in 12, 30 and 100 tablet packs.

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