Natural Formula

The Best Natural Pet Shampoo for Dog Grooming 

Keeping your pet clean, plays a major role in safeguarding him from skin diseases and is vital in maintaining his overall health and well-being. Most dogs can benefit from at least a weekly bath and that time provides a great chance to check your dog while he is wet to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Any lumps, bumps, patches of missing hair or unexplained weight loss, should trigger a call to your vet.  If your dog has been trained to think that baths are a routine part of his life, he will not resist this valuable part of his care.
GROOM  bathing tablets cleans your pet’s coat and skin thoroughly without the use of harmful chemicals. It is safe for your dog eyes and won’t harm him if he drinks it, which can be a serious problem with regular pet shampoo.
Here are reasons why pet owners love GROOM bathing tablets  
  • GROOM cleans deep with sodium bicarbonate ions:

If you are thinking that something so safe and natural might not be effective. You will be amazed that GROOM bathing tablets clean sweat, grease and mineral waste while moisturizing the skin. Mineral waste attracts fats, that become rancid and causes unpleasant odors.  Unlike traditional pet shampoos that only remove dirt and grease, GROOM cleans pores and hair roots and eliminates odor, while maintaining the natural sebum and moisture levels in your pet's skin.
  • Safe for eyes and ingestion:

GROOM bathing tablets active ingredients are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.  These natural ingredients are powerful enough to deep clean your dog's pores without irritating his eyes. If your dog happens to take a sip of the GROOM cleansing solution during bath time, there is no cause for concern, making bath time less stressful for both of you.
  • No harmful or toxic chemicals:

Although full of fur, your dog's skin is just a third the thickness of yours and unlike you, his skin is alkaline. It is imperative to use a pet shampoo that does not alter the skin’s natural pH balance. GROOM bathing tablets are free of sulfates, fragrances, artificial colors and parabens, and is pH neutral, making it perfect for even the most allergic dogs and cats.
  • Easy and convenient to use:

GROOM bathing tablets can be used in a tub or you can attach the specially designed shower-head that holds the tablet, to the hose at your grooming station, your bathroom shower hose, or to your backyard garden hose.