GROOM Daily Care

GROOM Wiping

Think of all the things your dog runs through, rolls around in and rubs up against. His immune system has to combat a host of pollutants and chemicals.  It is important to keep his first line of defense, his skin and coat, as healthy as possible. Every day, his paws can pick up pesticides, herbicides, ragweed, grass, pollen, mold and dust mites that can cause intense itching.  GROOM makes a daily wipe down a quick and easy way to keep your dogs and cats, and your home clean and free from harmful chemicals and allergens. 

Dissolve 1 GROOM tablet in a small tub of warm water, soak a cloth in the solution, squeeze out excess water and gently wipe the fur/hair and paws. Repeat a few times.

GROOM Paw Soak

If your dog is always licking his paws, it could be for one of many reasons. Your dog’s paws are like soft pads that can easily pick up all kinds of allergens. A foot soak can help get rid of pesticides, herbicides, ragweed, grass, pollens, mold and dust mites from his paws. 

 Cleaning a dog's paw

  1. Drop one GROOM tablet in a small tub and pour in enough warm water to cover your dog’s paws.

  2. Let him stand in the solution for at least 5 minutes.

  3. When you lift his foot out of the water, pat the paw dry. There is no need to rinse the solution off your dog’s feet