What is the best way to use groom?

Groom is equally effective when used for wiping, bathing or showering your pet, and is gentle enough to use every day.

If i use groom with a shower head, how long will the tablet last before it completely melts?

With medium water pressure, the tablet typically melts in approximately 7-10 minutes.

Why are shampoos not necessary with groom?

Some shampoos and soaps contain chemicals, like sls or parabens, which can be very harsh to the skin. Groom alone can clean your dog, cat or horse without the need for any shampoos and conditioners. If you choose to use shampoo and then rinse with groom, be sure to choose a shampoo without harsh chemicals.

Is it ok to use soap or shampoo before or after using groom, even if it is unnecessary?

It is ok to do so if you wish. Regular soap and shampoos can strip the skin of its healthy oils. Groom removes mineral waste and grease and preserves the natural sebum and maintains the moisture level of your pet’s delicate skin

Can i use groom with other bath salts or essence?

We do not recommend mixing other products in the water with groom. Other products may be acidic or contain fragrances, colorants and other additives which lower groom’s effectiveness. Animals generally have a keen sense of smell, fragrances that we find pleasant can irritate them.

Is it ok if i break groom into small pieces?

Do not break the groom tablet into pieces, it is effective precisely because of its hardness. The hardness of the tablet allows micro carbon dioxide to be produced which converts into bicarbonate ions immediately without escaping in to the air. After converting to bicarbonate ions, they dissolve in water as an active agent.

What if the water from groom gets into my pet's eyes? Will it sting?

The water produced from groom is safe and harmless. It does not contain any ingredients that may harm or sting your pet’s eyes if it gets into them.

If I use it for soaking my pet, will groom cause any damage to my bathtub?

The grooming tab is neutral and does not contain any ingredients that cause damage to the bathtub. However, we are not liable for any damages to your bathtubs. Please consult with your bathtub supplier or manufacturer when in doubt.

I've noticed that my bathtub seems cleaner after i using groom for soaking my pet. How is it possible that it seems capable of cleaning the bath tub?

Groom can remove mineral waste including mineral waste sediments left on the bathtub. If your groom package is kept in a cool dry area away for direct sunlight, it should last 3 years from the date of purchase. Remove groom tablets from the package with dry hands. The tablet may be used as long as there is no rough texture on its surface.