About Us

Our Labs Coco & Belle in the garden
Our Labs Coco & Belle, hate to bathe. Soapy suds in their eyes or the taste of shampoo makes them run and hide when they get any hint that it’s that time again.  On the flip side, my boys Adam and Matthew love to bathe Coco and Belle and think it’s a time to put on swim trunks, turn on the hose and have some fun.  I noticed that Coco had a red tummy a day after the boys had bathed them and I realized she must have reacted to a new dog shampoo I had picked up in the supermarket.  I had no idea at the time, but the ingredients might have caused Coco and Belle harm. It made me uncomfortable that the shampoo with many unpronounceable ingredients had obviously gotten on Adam and Matt’s skin. After a quick trip to the Vet, Coco was fine but I learned that dogs have sensitive, thin skin and in fact Adam and Matthew were less likely to get a reaction from the harsh shampoo than the dogs were.
I came across a bathing tablet made with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, that was very popular among Japanese and European groomers. After trying it on Coco and Belle, my husband, Richard and I were amazed at the greasy film floating on top of their bath water, how clean they looked, how fast they dried and how great it was that there were no suds to have to rinse out. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted to bring this wonderful product to the US market.   We contacted the inventor and were granted the exclusive distribution rights to the North American marketplace. We had found a product that eliminated all of the problems and concerns we had with the shampoos we had been using on Coco & Belle. We combined our love for dogs and business with our savings and created our product GROOM
We hope you and your pets love it as much as we do!