Why Natural Dog Shampoo Is The Best Choice for Canine Grooming?

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Why Natural Dog Shampoo Is The Best Choice for Canine Grooming?

Hygiene is critical to your furry little friend’s health and what pet grooming products you choose can make all difference.

There is an extensive range of puppy shampoo products available on the market and deciding which products are most suitable for your four-legged companion can be a little confusing. Choosing an organic pet shampoo over a chemical based shampoo can make noticeable differences in your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Your dog’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than yours which is why it’s crucial not to use human products at all and especially not on allergic itchy dogs. It’s important to buy natural dog shampoo products that will not upset the pH of his skin and strip its protective natural oils.

Here are a few tips:

Not every pet grooming shampoo is created equal, as some contain ingredients like artificial fragrances, colorings, sulfates, and parabens that can irritate the skin. Even tea tree oil which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties may be too harsh for your sensitive allergic dogs.


Smelly Coat

The presence of bacteria is typically the reason behind the unpleasant odor of your stinky dog so try to make use of natural shampoos that have antifungal and antibacterial capabilities.

Choosing the perfect shampoo that addresses all of your pet’s issues can be challenging but do your homework and pick one that contains simple natural ingredients that can cleanse the coat and skin and eliminate dog odor.

When in doubt contact your veterinarian. She knows all the ingredients listed in shampoos for dog grooming she also knows the condition of your pet’s skin so know one is better equipped to advise you on this very important decision.