Why Choose Natural Dog Shampoos?

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Why Choose Natural Dog Shampoos?

Did you know that your dog’s largest organ is his skin, and that his skin is thinner than yours? There are precautionary measures you can take to protect his skin by using natural dog shampoos that are safe and reliable while grooming your dogs and ridding him of dog odor.


Benefits of Using Organic Pet Shampoo

Have you ever seen your dog scratching himself after taking a bath? This could be a sign that the shampoo you are using is too harsh and drying out his skin by stripping his natural oils, making him an itchy dog.  Organic pet shampoos will deep clean with safe ingredients that will keep his coat shiny, silky and the coat nourished. 

 Maintaining the Ideal pH Level

If dogs are not being groomed regularly, irritants like pollens, and fertilizer can accumulate on the skin during allergy season leading to irritation. Even when allergy season is over, don’t stop regular baths. The surface of the skin contains dead skin cells, bacteria, yeast, dirt, pollens, and mold spores. Bathing removes excessive accumulation of these unhealthy elements so your dogs benefit from routine bathing year-round with a natural puppy shampoo that will maintain a healthy pH level.