Caring for Itchy Dogs

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Caring for Itchy Dogs

Is your dog dealing with a pestering itch? Itching is a problem dog owner’s frequently encounter and can be frustrating for you and your pet. Itchiness in dogs can be caused by various things, including allergies, parasites, and dry skin. The good news is there are things that you can do to help your dog ditch the itch. This article will discuss the most common reasons dogs are itchy and what you can do to relieve their discomfort. 

Causes of Itching

The first step in relieving your dog’s itch is determining what is irritating him in the first place. A quick inspection of your dog’s skin and hair coat is an excellent place to start. Pet’s experiencing itchiness due to dry skin may have visible flakes or dandruff at the base of their hair coat. Just like humans, this is commonly seen in the winter months when the air is dryer. 

When evaluating your pet’s skin, it is essential to look for signs of parasites such as fleas. Pet owners can use flea combs for dogs with thick hair coats, but typically the fleas are visible as tiny black moving dots. Flea prevention is crucial and getting rid of fleas can be a difficult task.

Another top cause of itching in pets is allergies. Pets can develop environmental and food allergies. If you notice your dog’s itch tends to flare at certain times of the year, they are likely dealing with an environmental allergy. Aside from the regular itching, it is common to see dogs biting or licking their paws due to discomfort. Allergies of all kinds can result in hair loss and scabs from itching. In some cases, secondary infections can develop, and you may notice small red bumps on your dog’s body. 

The Importance of Bathing

One of the easiest things you can do to help your dog is to create a regular bath schedule. For shampoo, read the label carefully to ensure the shampoo is safe for dogs and contains natural ingredients. 

Bathing helps to reduce the itch in several ways. For pets with dry skin, conditioning shampoos can restore moisture. Picking the right product is critical. In some cases, bathing with the wrong product can make the dry skin worse. If your pet’s skin does not seem to be improving, speak with your veterinarian. 

Regularly bathing your dog is also extremely helpful in removing allergens from their hair coat. Shampoos can help cleanse the hair and skin. The natural ingredients found in dog shampoo can also aid in relieving the itch. Using a paw soak when your pet comes in from playing outside is extremely helpful for pets with environmental allergies. Paw soaks and regular baths are great for relieving itch and can also help prevent future irritation. 


Itching is a problem that all dog owners deal with. Determining why your dog is itching can help determine the best steps to restore their comfort. Bathing should be part of your frontline of defense to relieve and prevent itching. If your dog’s symptoms do not improve or you notice signs of secondary infection, make an appointment to have your dog evaluated by a veterinarian. Hopefully, with a good bath, your dog with be feeling better in no time.